(NEW MUSIC): Eze Jackson IS “Unapologetically Black”


by Petula Caesar

Eze Jackson, beloved staple in Baltimore’s hip hop scene really gets around, always doing something. He has his duties as host of Baltimore Beat Club to occupy him…

eze-jackson-kirby-griffinphoto by Kirby Griffin

…along with participating in other artistic endeavors like fronting Soul Cannon and performing at Boom Bap Society. He’s been especially busy in the past month or so in various capacities — hosting a live taped in studio performance at The Real News Network called “The Whole Bushel”…


…performing at a benefit for  the “Brown and Healthy” initiative at The Windup Space…


…and getting his acting on at The Theater Project at the sold out performances of the choreopoem “A Real Nigga Show.”


Even with all this going on, Mr. Jackson still has found time to provide us with new music, specifically the track “Unapologetically Black.”


I am only going to include a snippet below, but the track left me feeling all kinds of conflicted, which I suspect is intentional. The song is short, and doesn’t give you the typical verse verse bridge verse setup. The hook is extremely infectious. The track has a lot of sharp edges and a kind of disjointed, broken sound. There are some 90s influences evident in the sound but the song definitely does not sound retro or old school. Eze’s flow has an urgent, intense delivery. Verses lunge from one thought to another to a third in rapid fire succession, with Eze declaring that he will not be sorry for anything his melanin has brought into his life, from his beautiful brown skin to the problems society causes him because of it. You really get the feeling that you are roaming around inside the head of a Black man, watching the thoughts race around endlessly. The ending is abrupt and left me feeling rather bereft – I wanted more, I wanted a conclusion that made sense to me and fit into my expectations for the song. But the song ends almost abruptly and feels incomplete in a way, as if it were cut off before it was fully completed — kind of like so many young Black men’s lives. The irony was as impactful as the song for me, which did draw me in, and it stuck to me. I found myself playing it over and over and singing the hook, which is what any artist wants with a song. So while “Unapologetically Black” wasn’t what I expected, it is quite likely what I needed.

Be on the lookout for the song’s release by keeping an eye on Eze Jackson’s Facebook page.



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