(VIDEO): Dropping in on Acoustic Thursdays with Marc Evans

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Marc Evans

by Petula Caesar

I have a bad habit of isolating myself when a lot of things are on my mind. I know it isn’t good for me, and I’m trying to be more mindful of when I am doing it so I can take steps not to. In the spirit of that, I decided to re-visit some local open mics that I haven’t been to in a while. I thought being around creative folks would be good for my own creative energy, which has been a bit stagnant recently. My first stop on this very impromptu tour was Acoustic Thursdays,  8 year old staple of Baltimore’s performance arts scene. Marc Evans and his awesomely talented Big Little Band oversee the evening’s festivities, which can include anything from song, spoken word to comedy and whatever can fit in between.

One thing I’d forgotten about Baltimore’s open mics is how really awesomely talented people are often in the audience. Last night was no exception, which resulted in some awesome open mic goodness. Black Root, last night’s feature was his typical energetic and entertaining self, and J Pope, Queen Earth and Brooks Long also took to the stage.


The couple of hours I spent there reminded me of some of the things I do enjoy about Baltimore — some of the most important things in fact. I love the people and the artistic community. I got some much needed hugs last night…the kind you get and you don’t realize you need until after you get them. Plus I had a good time. This open mic tour was really a good idea. I think I’ll check out Be Free Fridays next week.

So if like me you need some reminders about why Baltimore is really a cool place to be, or just need a night out to reconnect to the creative parts of your soul with music and song and lyrics and such, visit Acoustic Thursdays at Peace And A Cup of Joe, 713 West Pratt Street. It happens every Thursday night.




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