(Music): Will Denver Broncos Linebacker DeMarcus Ware Become An R & B Music Sensation?

ware pic 1

by Petula Caesar

Since the only enjoyment of Ravens Football I’m going to get won’t happen until draft time, might as well enjoy some of my other favorite teams, which include The Denver Broncos. (Long story, but part of it is that my dad was a huge Broncos fan back in the day and they were one of the teams he raised me up on as he introduced me to football.) I’m a big DeMarcus Ware fan, and now I can enjoy him musically as well as a linebacker.

ware pic 3 with guitar

Ware was a member of an R & B group in the 90’s called Mirage while in high school. Ware not only sang lead, but he also played guitar. The band broke up after high school, but Ware still has music in his life. In a recent article Ware wrote for The Players Tribune Ware said about his love of music “…It’s release. I may be coming off an intense workout, or a grueling practice, or a big win, or even a bitter loss, but as long as I have music, I have that oasis from it all…if I can just pour a glass of wine, sit down somewhere comfortable and put that guitar in my hand…I can go to another place entirely.”

If you don’t believe me, check out the group Mirage with lead singer DeMarcus Ware on Soundcloud singing an original called “Sometimes” below.


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