baltimore mapfrom Reddit

by Petula Caesar

This all started when I came across the Baltimore Citizenship Test on Baltimore Magazine’s web site that was put together in honor of Citizenship Day (which is today actually). Questions about Greenmount Cemetery and Under Armour, which is cool. But it didn’t necessarily challenge the wealth of knowledge I have about the “other” Baltimore, so I made this one up, and called it “The Black Baltimore Citizenship Test” because — well, I’m Black and I’m very much aware of the fact that the Baltimore I have lived in most of my life has given me experiences and knowledge that differs from the knowledge of those who aren’t Black and who probably experienced Baltimore through a different viewpoint. At any rate, see how many of these you get right, and feel free to email me at speakerboxmagazine@gmail.com to submit more questions that you feel are key information for citizens of Black Baltimore to know!

1. What sporting event was it traditional for local students to attend on Thanksgiving day?

2. True or false: Alice Pinderhuges was a former Baltimore mayor.

3. What is the name of the football player who founded Shake and Bake?

4. Which high school did former mayor Clarence “Du” Burns attend?

5. Which high school did former mayor Kurt Schmoke attend?

6. Complete this sentence: “Easside tell me how ya wanna carry it, ______________________________?”

7. Where is “down da hill” located?

8. Who were the original Basement Boys?

9. What was Al Shipley’s blog that covered Baltimore hip hop called?

10. What time does Lexington Market close?

11. Complete this sentence: “Shorty you phat, make me wanna ________________?”

12. When the Baltimore subway system FIRST opened, where were the last stops on each end of the line?

13. What Baltimore-based company makes Old Bay Seasoning?

14. True or false: Morgan State University graduates the largest number of African American engineers.

BONUS QUESTION: What was Miss Tony/Big Tony’s real name?

Send your citizenship questions to me at speakerboxmagazine@gmail.com!

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