floetry nowby Petula Caesar

After almost 9 years of pursuing separate careers, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart and Marsha “The Songstress” Ambrosius will reunite as Grammy-nominated duo Floetry. Audiences have longed for this reunion since the group’s heyday when their songs like “Say Yes”, “It’s Getting Late”, and “Superstar” saturated the airwaves with their singing/spoken word blend of artistry.

A surprise appearance by Natalie at one of Marsha’s shows in the UK this past December seemed to make the reunion more likely. In fact, Natalie has spend a part of her hiatus from Floetry in the DMV recording tracks with poets like Komplex, 13 of Nazareth and Archie the Messenger and with vocalists Carolyn Malachi and Kissi B. She even recorded a house music track with Maurice Carroll of Stinkiface Music called “Prophecy.”

Floetry is already on the bill for this summer’s upcoming Essence Music Festival, but tour dates leading up to that event are expected to be announced. Check out this clip of Natalie talking about this reunion.

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