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So I’m cruising through Facebook earlier and came about this video on Ty Hill’s (formerly Ty Gudda’s) Facebook page. He met Drake backstage at a concert in 2010 and gave him a copy of his CD “Freshman Year”. Ty Hill now alleges  that Drake stole  his track “Momma” from “Freshman Year” and created “You & The 6”, a track on Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, which was released last month. If you check out the video below, you can hear both tracks and come to your own conclusions. He has given his issue the hashtag #drakeyoustolemyshit.

My two cents? Yes there are some obvious similarities. One could also argue the wisdom of handing over your work to an established artist without some sort of prior relationship with the artist or someone acting as a go-between for you and the artist to protect your interests — just in case. But even with that said, there are laws against this kind of thing IF theft has happened. But that decision would best be left to a judge.

To that end, I want to draw your attention to Mr. Adam Holofcener, Esquire. He is the Executive Director of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. He is a U of MD law school graduate, a musician and an attorney whose job it is to help artists deal with these issues. I strongly suggest Ty Hill have a talk with him. And if you’re an artist, the MDVLA is a great resource for all questions and concerns you have about legal issues related to your work — the organization regularly has law clinics where you can get free information and questions answered, and you can contact them anytime with any issues you have.

To learn more about Adam, check out this recent interview with him here on Bmoreart.com.

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