AMA FLYER FRONT finalby Petula Caesar

Speakerbox Magazine’s “On The Rise: A Live Performance Series” spotlighted Ama Chandra and The Fruition Experience last month on Valentine’s Day. Get a peek at that special and amazing night thanks to Reuben Greene and his lenses. Many thanks to him, The Living Well, Nellaware Photography, Alex Alexander Photography, Nina B Bartending, Cupsey Cakesy Dee, Shantay’s Sensational Treats, Baltimore’s Premiere Event Solutions (lighting), and Rush 2 Sound for all their contributions to making this cold icy night a warm and wonderful experience. And “An Evening With Ama Chandra” will be available for purchase on DVD soon!

AS. Aaron Hill 2 AS. Aaron Hill 3 AS. Ama after the show AS. Ama and friends AS. Ama and Fruition AS. Ama and Kafi AS. Ama and Micah 2 AS. Ama and Micah 3 AS. Ama and Micah 4 AS. Ama and Micah 5 AS. Ama and Micah 6 AS. Ama and The Fruition Experience 1 AS. Ama and The Fruition Experience 2 AS. Ama in Black 1 AS. Ama in Black 2 AS. Ama in Black 3 AS. Ama in Black 4 AS. Ama in black 5 AS. Ama in black 6 AS. Ama in Black 7 AS. Ama in blue 1 AS. Ama in Blue 2 AS. Ama in Blue 3 AS. Ama in Blue 4 AS. Anthony Jenkins 1 AS. Anthony Jenkins 2 AS. Anthony Jenkins 3 AS. Backstage AS. Cupcakes 1 AS. Cupcakes 2 AS. Cupcakes 3 AS. David Ross 1 AS. David Ross 2 AS. David Ross 3 AS. David Ross 4 AS. Drinks AS. Drummer AS. Fruition AS. Galanda in the audience AS. Jonathan Gilmore AS. Jonathan Micah Ama 1 AS. Jonathan Micah Ama 2 AS. Jonathan Micah Ama 3 AS. Maurissa 1 AS. Maurissa 2 AS. Micah Smith 1 AS. Micah Smith 2 AS. Micah Smith 3 AS. Micah Smith 4 AS. Safiyatou and Dominic AS. Strawberries AS. Temple and Kafi AS. The Audience 1 AS. The Audience 2 AS. The Audience 3 AS. The Audience 4 AS. The Audience 5 AS. The Audience 6 AS. The Setup

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