joodah jook joint flyerby Petula Caesar

The warmer weather is causing all kinds of good things to spring forth, and this is definitely one of them. Judah’s Juke Joint formerly at Nowchild Soundstage, one of the most live and absolutely coolest open mics in the history of Baltimore is returning to the scene TONIGHT at a new location with a slightly altered name to honor its founder, Derrick “OOH” Jones of BrownFISH.

Tonight is opening night for “JOOHdah’s Juke Joint” at The Latin Palace, located at 509 South Broadway. Hosted by Civ Jones, the event still features a live band and great performers. It will continue to be a great place for talented up-and-comers as well as established artists to do what they do best — perform to a very enthusiastic crowd. The cover charge is $10, and doors will open at 8 pm. Happy hour until 10 p.m. and $5 food specials will also be on the menu. While the special underground ambiance that Nowchild Soundstage provided will be sorely missed, the opportunity to continue this event is an important one. So please make a point to come out tonight to celebrate the rebirth of JOOHdah’s Juke Joint Thursdays!

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