hott spott loungeby Petula Caesar

On Monday, February 23rd at an Artist Appreciation Showcase held at The Hott Spott Lounge (formerly The 5 Seasons) at 830 North Guilford Avenue, 25 year old LeeDell “Moose” Brown lost his life due to injuries sustained during a physical altercation at the event involving up to a dozen individuals. Brown, an up and coming hip hop artist was at the event to perform. A formal police investigation is taking place and thus far no arrests have been made.

The Hott Spott is known for being a venue that often attracts large and sometimes rowdy crowds, particularly at its hip hop events geared towards younger audiences. Its owner, Solomon Belay, has a long history of working with local promoters who produce events for local hip hop artists and fans as other venues have become increasingly unwilling to welcome these crowds. News of the sad turn of events spread through social media quickly, with people commenting on everything from the violent nature of those who attend these events, to a historic lack of a strong respectful security presence at the venue, to the responsibility of promoters to secure and protect those who attend their events.

Other responses have ranged from some publicly circulating a picture of the alleged victim bleeding from his injuries on the floor of the venue, to others offering condolences, prayers and well wishes for all those affected. To that end, a vigil is being held tomorrow night in front of The Hott Spott from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend, and donations will be accepted on behalf of the victim’s family. Details are included on the flyer below.

flyer for vigil


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