by Petula Caesar

“Passion, Pain and Progress — The Beautiful Mind of Steven Tatum” is the latest offering from Baltimore rap legend Skarr Akbar. Released this past Tuesday, February 3rd, it is being sold in area DTLR locations, and my spies tell me it is being very solidly supported as far as sales go.

skarr akbar cd coverTriple P’s 18-tracks feature some of B-more top talent including Al Great and Damond Blue. (If you’re more of a digital download person, it is also available on iTunes and Amazon.)

Tonight, Skarr will making a personal appearance at the DTLR store in the Parkside Shopping Center at 5126 Sinclair Lane…

skarr akbar album release DTLR …then his CD release will be held at The Circuit, located at 104 Back River Neck Road in Essex. I’m feeling like this will be a great show because the bill isn’t packed with 10,000 artists all looking to get on the mic with little ability to rock a live show. Hosted by O-gun, the show features Greenspan, Tha Profitt and Great Scott — all top notch talents.

skarr akbar flyerLearn more about Skarr in this up-close-and-personal interview with The Baltimore Scene’s Chin-yer —








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