wendel patrick horn samples

by Petula Caesar

First and foremost, I must issue a public apology to Wendel Patrick because I interviewed him weeks ago and still haven’t written the article from that interview. I suck for that…seriously. But its really felt overwhelming, trying to put into a few words all this man is and all this man does. I have listened to the recording of that interview at least 10 times — there is so much I want to say and so much that I learned about this awesomely talented musician/producer/arranger/photographer/videographer/a bunch more stuff that I am probably forgetting. I swear I will get it done. In the mean time, let me start trying to make amends here.

Wendel was kind enough to show me the video for this project when I interviewed him, and I loved loved LOVED it even then. Saxophonist Scott Paddock and Wendel teamed up to present this re-interpreting of some of hip hop’s famous horn samples. I loved everything about it from the concept to the execution, and I loved hearing the samples selected and trying to figure out what songs they came from\, and it was fun trying to identify the Baltimore locations too. I was beyond thrilled when I saw the project was finally being released. I’ve always had a great appreciation for the work created when live instrumentation and hip hop came together, and I am truly feeling what these two have done. But enough about me…check out “The Breaks” for yourself!




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