artscape 2015by Petula Caesar

Is your band ready to play Artscape this summer?

Artscape 2015 is taking place on July 17th, 18th and 19th. This event, which is the largest outdoor arts festival on the East Coast is a showcase of all kinds of artistic creativity. And if your artistic creativity is of the musical variety, you might want to consider participating in “Sound Off Live!”

“Sound Off Live!” is now accepting applications for bands to audition for performance slots at Artscape. This is the way bands get their opportunity to play on one of several stages located throughout the festival. It is extremely competitive (of course), so if you plan to throw you hat into the ring, make sure you have your A game ready for the judges. You can get details at the link below, but a few of the basic rules are:

  • Any genre of music is eligible, but explicit lyrics are not permitted.
  • A band (in terms of this competition) can consist of one or more musicians playing instruments and singing/rapping. Groups with only music “tracks” will not be considered.
  • At least sixty percent of the band’s members must reside in Baltimore City, one of Maryland’s counties, the Delmarva Region or Washington D.C.
  • Ninety percent of the music performed must be original.
  • Only bands that have NEVER been booked at Artscape will be considered.

For more details go to the link below, and good luck!

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