teddy douglas

by Petula Caesar

This Saturday at The Paradox, located at 1310 Russell Street in Baltimore, an important musical history lesson will take place in the form of a huge party. Legendary music producer/deejay/Basement Boy Teddy Douglas will be celebrating his 50th birthday with an event that will surely be part concert/part reunion/part nightclub scene education. Bringing together a cadre of top deejays, performances by the legendary Jasper Street Company and Billboard Music Award-winning Crystal Waters at the city’s premiere dance club, Saturday night will not only be a hell of a show, it will be a fitting celebration of a man who is without a doubt one of the most influential names in house music in particular, and music in general. teddy douglas picTeddy Douglas holds a special place in the history of the formation and development of Baltimore’s club music scene in particular. His early days in music found him working at Music Liberated in downtown Baltimore and deejaying at the famous and infamous Odell’s on North Avenue. Collaborations with Thommy Davis and Jay Steinhour as Baltimore-based powerhouse production team The Basement Boys led to many classic house music tracks by artists like Jasper Street Company, Martha Wash, Ultra Nate and others.

Their sound also helped give birth to Baltimore Club Music and solidified this area as an important contributor to house music not just locally, but nationally and internationally as well. This is particularly true of Douglas’ work with Crystal Waters, as songs like “100% Pure Love” and “Gypsy Woman” found their way to pop music popularity as well as major house music success.

Teddy continues to produce as well as spin, and in recent years househeads have particularly enjoyed his work with vocalist Margaret Grace on tracks like“God Created Woman” and “Whatcha Gonna Do”.

This Saturday on the turntables will be Teddy Douglas himself, DJ Spen, DJ Karizma, Thommy Davis, DJ Tanz, DJ Biskit , DJ Kenny K, and Wayne Davis. Anyone who considers themselves even a minor/former/current/occasional househead should be in attendance.

For details, check out the Facebook link here.

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