essby Petula Caesar

Baltimore continues to have weekends packed with shows and other events, which is a great thing. This past weekend was no exception, with everything from Ladies Verse at The Charm City Fringe Festival and the Deciduous Daze show at The Windup Space, to Purple Honey at Magooby’s and the Great Scott listening party at Play Hookah Lounge. But one of the best and most anticipated performances happened Friday night at The Crown on Charles Street — the EP release event fof Bond Street District’s “Everybody’s So Sleepy”.

Bond Street District is comprised of lyricist DDM and producer Paul Hutson, and their work on “Everybody’s So Sleepy” is not to be missed. (Click here to check it out on Soundcloud.) Friday night’s event “The Sleepover” was a packed one featuring Hutson and DDM along with Eze Jackson, Chrissy Vasquez, Amirror and The Reflections, and Phizzals.

the sleepoverStrangely enough, I missed this event BECAUSE I was so sleepy and couldn’t manage to get out of the clutches of my couch. But thankfully videographer Thomas Kessler caught footage you can check out below. You can also see other performances from “The Sleepover” on his You Tube Channel.

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