essbond street districtIndividually, lyricist DDM  on the right and producer Paul Hutson on the left. Collectively, they are Bond Street District

by Petula Caesar

Today was a busy day for Baltimore’s DDM aka “Unkle Lulu” aka “Killer Queen” aka “This Is Your Father Speaking” aka “Yes Bitch, Come Thru” aka (for real this time) Emmanuel Williams and his producer Paul Hutson. The musical duo, who collectively call themselves Bond Street District, released the greatly anticipated EP “Everbody’s So Sleepy” AND the visuals for track five on the project, “Matinee”. Those whose only knowledge of DDM comes from the “Come Thru” single may be surprised with the depth and breadth of content packed into “Everybody’s So Sleepy”. But for anyone familiar with DDM’s come up through the tough battle rap circuits to his affiliations with the insanely talented people of Mania Music, “Everybody’s So Sleepy” is absolute proof of DDM’s ability to deliver a project that brings together fresh content, great music, a modern sound, and well-orchestrated production and lyrics.

bond st district 2

When we heard from DDM earlier this summer, he was making much noise with the single “Come Thru”, which showcased his onstage persona as much as it did his energy and lyrics. The accompanying video’s over 11,000 hits alongside several well-executed regional performances gave DDM great buzz as he prepared “Everybody’s So Sleepy” with Hutson.

The project is five tracks in length, and runs slightly over fifteen minutes. It gives DDM and Hutson just enough time to explore a nice range of musical and lyrical styles and influences. The opening track “Hello Jesus” introduces the project well – it lets you know you’re experiencing a uniquely Baltimore perspective without beating you over the head with tons of unnecessarily loud and repetitive B-more shout outs. Those who admire DDM’s lyrical punching power will love the track entitled “Mayweather”. The lyrics are a pure verbal beat down, and the bad-ass funk-inspired horns-led track that goes with it is perfect – it evokes images of every Black Dynamite-like Black action movie hero. The title track “Everybody’s So Sleepy” is a marvelously subtle song packed with quiet power. It sneaks up on you with a DDM’s smoothly forceful delivery he pours out line after line onto the track. The final track, “Matinee” offers a clever use of a sample from SWV’s “Rain”, and the video is one of the best I’ve seen from a local artist in quite a while. Its simplicity is perfect for the melancholy, almost blues-y lyrics, and there is a little girl in it who is so naturally graceful and poised, you find yourself instinctively yelling “bitch come thru” when you see her.

DDM has formed a great musical partnership with Hutson – a clear example of iron sharpening iron. Hutson’s production is a perfect sharpening instrument for DDM’s often bombastic style, which now has laser-focus and is even more deadly. Kudos to Bond Street District – “Everybody’s So Sleepy” definitely came thru. Visit Bond Street District online here.

Find out for yourself:

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