logic under pressure

by Petula Caesar

Gaithersburg-based hip hop artist Logic’s first full-length release, “Under Pressure”, has been out a week, competing for sales alongside hip hop veteran T.I.’s ninth studio release entitled “Paperwork”. T.I., aka Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., age 34, has been a major figure in hip hop for over ten years now, making a successful transition from music to roles in movies and reality television. Even his stints in jail didn’t seem to majorly impact his overall success in entertainment. But 24-year old Logic, aka Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is holding his own alongside the hip hop icon.

paperwork t.i.Logic’s “Under Pressure” moved 71,511 units this week, compared to T.I./Paperwork’s 74,197 units. Logic’s success has been built by traveling the independent artist’s path, building a large internet fan base over years and holding his own shows that grew to be sold-out events. Logic signed with Def Jam last year. Citing RZA as one of his major influences, Logic continued to work and tour until “Under Pressure” came to fruition.

Fresh off a star-making cypher on BET’s 2014 Hip Hop Awards (great promotion for the project),

Logic was also one of the artists featured in a documentary put together by hip hop collective The Curators of Hip Hop that follows his early years as an artist entitled “The Curators: Volume 1: A Story of Independence”.

“Under Pressure” is already being compared to other artists’ freshman projects like Kanye’s “College Dropout” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Section.80”. If Logic continues making the moves he has so far, he may very well see similar success as an artist.



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