Mixology 2014 banner

by Petula Caesar

Mixology, an event originally conceived as a house/club music focused venture, has had varying degrees of success (or lack thereof) over the years. But this year a change seems to be in the works for this event, which always had a great deal of potential, but didn’t always seem to have the direction and leadership necessary to execute it well. This year Mixology 2014 appears to have pulled together the right collective of partners, venues, promoters, and other related parties, so I’m feeling much better about what this year’s Mixology offers.

As explained on the event’s web page, www.mixologybaltimore.com, Mixology is defined as: 1: The study of mixing music… includes sub-genres of DJing, mash-ups, hip hop, scratching and remixing; and 2: Outrageous parties, awesome music and networking mixed with a learning experience! A wide variety of events and activities are offered from October 20th through the 25th at The Get Down, The Rockwell, Red Maple, and The Paradox.

Mixology 2014(1)

While I’m always down for a good party and I’m glad to see this event step up its partying/networking game, I was especially pleased to see equal improvement on the seminar presentation side of the event. “The Sessions”, which are free to the public on Saturday October 25th from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. at The Paradox, offer panels and workshops with invaluable information about various aspects of the music business from production to marketing and promotions and more. An extremely diverse cross-section of Baltimore/DC based entertainment/music professionals will be leading these discussions including DJ Harvey Dent, Heidi Klotzman, Michelle Shellers Marcus Dowling, Teddy Douglas, Kariz  Marcell, Scottie B, MoRece, Wayne Davis, Mary Carter and others. Click here to get more details on the panels, and click here to get details on the panelists!

mixology the sessionsSo if you’re looking for an opportunity to meet, greet, party and learn, check out a few Mixology events throughout the week. You can start tonight with “Ignite ***Fashion***” at The Rockwell, featuring music, great style, and great performances. Click the flyer for details.


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