I still remember Carolyn Malachi from her eclectic performance in this area’s open mic scene some years ago. The vocally gifted singer-songwriter’s blend of spoken word poetry, smoky jazz, funky R & B, and other pieces of musical goodness have taken her a long way in a (relatively) short period of time. The Grammy-nominated artist’s newest work is a short film entitled “Runaway”, which is featured this month on Essence Magazine’s website. It is a collaborative work between Malachi, Milton Walker IV, and Zoe Fitzgerald of Walking House Productions in Brooklyn, New York. This collective worked on two of Malachi’s previous videos (“Fall Winter Spring Summer” and “Finally”), and the continued inspiration they gathered from her work led to the creation of “Runaway”, with Malachi as its star. As Malachi explains to Sylvia Obell of Essence Magazine, “I think the woman in Runaway is a powerful figure with whom many women can relate…She is analytical, sophisticated and strong – yet she wants to make room for love.”

Check out “Runaway” below (which also features several of her songs):

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