Editor’s Note:  Today’s guest blogger is the incomparable “Dawn Of The Underground”, bringing us news about the upcoming Maryland Independent Label Festival.


by Dawn of the Underground

The M.I.L.Fest – Maryland Independent Label Festival, hosted this year by me, Dawn of the Underground, was created and organized by Jay Slow of Jay Slow Entertainment.

dawn of the undergroundDawn of The Underground


milfest Jayslow-Entertainment

This 8th annual M.I.L.Fest was created as a second edition to the Denafest, and Jay loved the fact that “Maryland Independent Label Festival could be abbreviated to M.I.L.Fest, and the name held a certain comedic ring, and yet an heir of professionalism. And so the M.I.L.Fest was born. (MILF is an acronym for “Mother/Mom/Mum I’d Like to F*ck”.) And so begins the ultimate play on words the Maryland Independent Label Festival the M.I.L.Fest, a festival which highlights the unsigned talent that exist in our backyard, in a fun-filled, adult, tongue in cheek environment where you can watch your favorite local bands, and buy the M.I.L. Fest t-shirt for $20. Admission without the t-shirt is $10.

milfest 2When talking with Jay about the festival, you can feel his passion. “The M.I.L.Fest is a big deal for me. Some people wait all year waiting for a holiday, or a birthday, not me. I look forward all year to doing the M.I.L.Fest. Before one M.I.L.Fest has happened, I’m already coming up with ideas for the next one. I start scratching down ideas and talking with people about what I can do to make the next one bigger and better the day after the last one has just happened. I pour my heart, soul and every penny I can afford into making the M.I.L.Fest the best I can for not only the bands that play it, but the fans that love it as well. I love seeing all of the fans that wear the past year’s event shirts. The M.I.L.Fest is aimed at one thing, and one thing only… a good time. I pay my acts as much as possible while charging the least possible ticket price. In the past, ticket prices have been only $10 and the event shirts have also been $10. I have always felt that fans should be able to see talented local bands all day and take home an event shirt for just $20. I take care of the bands and the fans because this is why I do it. I get to give the bands and fans a good time that everyone can afford, and that is a good time for me. I have been looking into doing more events like M.I.L.Fest, but I have not yet been able to figure out a way to afford to do another one like this while still making it this personal, affordable and fun. Anyone who wants more proof just needs to see it for themselves. I have partnered up this year with Playback Audio Productions this year to make it even bigger than ever before. Each year gets bigger and I am sure that this one will be the best one yet.”

Jay will not only be running the event, but he will also be performing on drums with his new band, Survival of the Sickest”.

milfest 3 jay slowJay Slow


Please go to for all information on line up and sponsors.




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