by Petula Caesar

Hip hop’s demise has been predicted almost since its birth. As hip hop stretches into its four decade mark it faces diminishing sales (as all music across the board faces). and questionable talent. Hip hop’s elders are racing towards their fiftieth birthdays, and fans of the music and the culture surrounding it wonder who will move this music forward through the 21st century. It may well be Ahmad Lewis, Prie, Matt Reeves, Logic, and Dee-1 — the stars of this documentary “The Curators of Hip Hop — Volume One”. Shot over a four year period, this documentary chronicles these up-and-coming artists’ efforts to preserve the legacy of hip hop through their talents. The movie will be shown this Friday, June 27th at The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, located at 830 E. Pratt Street in downtown Baltimore. Doors open at 6:30 and the showing starts at 7. The screening comes with admission to the museum, which is only $5, so this is a great opportunity to visit the museum if you never have — and you should, because a lot of great local history makers are included in exhibitions there. You can RSVP by clicking here (the link does NOT require you to purchase tix or admission in advance) — see you on Friday!

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