by Petula Caesar

Last night Baltimore City in general and the performance arts community specifically in this area lost one of its most beloved figures — Derrick “Yo Slick” Jones.

Known in many different circles for his numerous accomplishments from his work with BrownFISH or his “Save A Dope Boy” campaign, to his solo projects, to his hosting of the defunct Judah’s Juke Joint Thursdays,  to his work with Baltimore’s Youth Advocate Program (YAP), a great deal of living was packed into his short life on this Earth. He has been a constant on this city’s scene for many years, and his love for and dedication to Baltimore and everything in it, the good, the bad, and the ugly was evidenced in everything he did.

Since the news broke of his untimely passing, this area’s social media has become a memorial to this man, with everyone sharing pics of him and their memories of him — and rightfully so. The outpouring of love, respect, shock and grief has been overwhelming, and is a testament to the impact this man had on so many lives. If you wish to celebrate the life and the memory of OOH, join Judah of Judah’s Juke Joint today, Wednesday, June 4th at 7 p.m. A gathering will be taking place at the spot where so many fond memories of OOH were made — Nowchild Soundstage, located at 409 East Preston Street. Contact Chin-Yer for additional details via her Facebook page or text her at 443.248.2596.

ooh flyer

Check out this WHAT WEEKLY writeup about his work.

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