b rich pic

by Petula Caesar

The Baltimore anthem “Whoa Now” originally started being heard in Baltimore’s streets  in late spring of 2002. As is usually the case when non-industry artists manage to get attention from the music industry, Brian Rich AKA B. Rich’s climb to success did include the support of a lot of local deejays, local music listeners and local radio – 92Q had been playing “Whoa Now” for weeks before the single and its album “80 Dimes” was released in June 2002 on Atlantic Records.

80 dimes cd coverb rich cd

B. Rich even managed to score a write-up in Billboard Magazine when his song debuted on the Hip Hop/Rap charts. He was quickly swooped away from his studies at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and plopped right in the middle of the entertainment business with a summer smash on his hands. b rich billboard

B. Rich eventually ended up in Atlanta, but “Whoa Now” remains a uniquely Baltimore gem. It’s catchy, which is a key element of any hit in any musical genre (who isn’t familiar with the theme song from “The Jeffersons”?), and what it may have lacked in lyrical depth  it definitely makes up for with a sense of fun, honesty and freshness that made the song appealing over a decade ago, and still brings nostalgic smiles to people’s faces when they hear it today.

Let’s throwback this Thursday to the summer of 2002 with B. Rich’s “Whoa Now”.




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