by Petula Caesar

The Boom Bap Society is an improvised hip hop showcase that brings together — well, pretty much anyone willing to show up and provide musical accompaniment and lyrics to the hip hop stew Wendel Patrick and DJ Dubble8 brew up monthly at The Windup Space. An emcee who dares to try his lyrics at Boom Bap Society might find him/herself flowing with a beatboxer, all kinds of electronics and turntables, a cello, a collective of violins/violas, a drummer, a kazoo and who knows what else. It can definitely be challenging for performers used to a more rehearsed and controlled kind of performance, or who are only used to working with tracks and don’t get to experience being backed up by live musicians. But for those willing to try it, magic is often the result.

Tonight’s Boom Bap Society brings Greenspan to the microphone.


Greenspan is becoming an even greater presence in hip hop on a local and national scale than he has been in the past, from recent performances at Rams Head Live and Mobtown Studio’s microshow to placement on Pandora Radio (which is no easy feat). Tonight he will work his rhymes with the assistance of Janel Leppin on cello, Tiffany DeFoe on saxophone, Heron Melchior on bass & saw, and Shodekeh with the beatbox/vocal percussion. An open cypher will close out the night. Admission is only $5, and the fun starts at 10 p.m. So whether you’re coming to sit or coming to spit, you don’t want to miss it!

Check out Greenspan’s “Welcome To Baltimore” here, and we’ll see you tonight!

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