(MUSIC) ROB SE7EN PRESENTS: Se7en’s Daze Mixtape

rob seven

by Petula Caesar

Rob Se7en’s follow up to his recent remix of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” is an endeavor he is calling the “Se7en’s Daze Mixtape”. Every day this week at 9 p.m. Rob will be releasing a new track from the project, with the mixtape available in its entirety on next Sunday, April 6th.

rob seven dubscienceThe first joint off the “Se7en’s Daze Mixtape” is called “Lie To Me”. A snippet is below. All the pieces for a very solid R & B joint are definitely present, though I do think a tad bit more development of this song needs to happen — but I do realize one of the points of this project is to get out a lot of new material in a short period of time . But I do like where this song is going and I do hope he revisits it and digs into it a bit more. Its got tremendous potential, but even now is still an enjoyable listen. Check out all of it tonight at 9 p.m. on his Soundcloud page, and check in all week long for the next six tracks!

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