by Petula Caesar

Today’s single up for review comes from Taivon Murphey AKA Murph. The track is called “With You”.

taivon murpheyThe track is bouncy and very uptempo. It is not the typical R & B sounding music you get when hip hop artists decide to flow over tracks that are less beat driven. The music is even a bit pop sounding as hip hop tracks go, but as the lines between genres become more blurred this isn’t a bad thing. As I listen to it, I think of BoB and Wale and their musical sounds that have moved away from the boom bap tradition of hip hop. The hook, sung by Reyfonder matches the music well. The production overall is quite solid. Murph’s style is miles away from the trap music hip hop that is so abundant around here. His voice works well with the track. Everything here points to great promise and much potential.

How can this be improved? The song is about a “nerdy” guy attempting to pursue a girl he really wants but isn’t quite sure he can get. There are ten thousand songs out here about that exact same thing (half of them by Drake), so I really needed Murph to be a bit more creative with the lyrics, so “With You” will stand out from those ten thousand other songs. There was some interesting wordplay here and there, but other lines fell flat due to lack of uniqueness. As a self proclaimed ‘nerd’ in the song, and with the out of the box approach the song is taking when it comes to the music, I was expecting something equally inventive in the lyrics of the song also. Murph was a bit inconsistent in that department, though I am confident he has the ability to write stronger lyrics.

Overall, “With You” is a solid effort that definitely deserves a listen, so I do encourage you to check it out below. All the ingredients of a hit are present, and with just a tiny bit more polish lyrically, this track could really go far. I enjoyed listening — the song made me smile, and I look forward to Murph’s full-length project.

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