(Video): Warsaw — Wendel Patrick Featuring Saleem

wendel patrick

by Petula Caesar

Lots of artists say they are “on their grinds”. And they might be for all I know. But from what I can see/hear, these grinds, real or imaginary, don’t always result in quality projects, IF they end up with projects at all. For an example of a real grind, consider Wendel Patrick. For those unfamiliar, Wendel Patrick is a professionally trained musician with Jamaican/Trinidadian roots who has studied everything from classical music to jazz music and pretty much everything in between. With a good deal of hip hop thrown into his musical mix during his teenage years for good measure, Wendel Patrick’s creations are a fusion of all these styles and genres. Patrick plays, produces, deejays, works with other artists, and he still finds time to participate in the Boom Bap Society monthly at The Windup Space. He grinds so hard in fact, he released three completely different albums on New Year’s Day, and he did all the production and instrumentation on all the projects, with a few vocalists and emcees doing guest spots on some of the tracks.

As part of MY grind, I had every intention of having all three albums reviewed. And as much as I’d like to make excuses for why I haven’t done it yet, I can’t. (SIDEBAR — I’m always looking for music reviewers, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested.) But I happened to catch the video for the song “Warsaw” off the “Travel” album featuring Saleem, and I was really blown away by everything about it — the arrangement, the production, Saleem’s performance and lyricism on the track — EVERYTHING. So now I’m feeling motivated to put “Travel”, “Passage”, and “JDWP Tribute” higher up on my list of music to check out.


Check out “Warsaw” below, and please make a point of going to http://www.wendelpatrick.com to learn more about the man and to listen to/purchase his music.

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