(Video) SINGLE REVIEW: “Lady Death Strike” by Shy Lady Heroin


Review by Phillip Waters

The trap music sound is one that’s dominated rap throughout the first half of this decade. The likes of Lex Luger, Young Chop, and MikeWillMadeIt have fixed it so that established legends like Jay Z and Kanye West seek out the patented production when releasing new music. Some up and coming artists are riding the wave, and others are making it their own. Shy Lady Heroin falls into the latter category. ‘Lady Death Strike’, produced by Troy P, has all the signature 808s, frantic snares, and synthesizer effects. It has the same anthemic vibe of ‘H.A.M’ from Watch The Throne, but not in a copycat way. It stands out thanks to the wordplay from Shy Lady Heroin.


Riding the beat with a well matched flow, she goes in immediately rapping “I made it through the struggle/ tryna sit back and be humble/ took 3 years off, and yall still here/ what the fuck yall call a hustle/ I paved the way, passed the ball/ and all of yall done fumbled”. The production of the track, from an engineering standpoint is up to par as well. How the beat fades out to the sound of gun cocking over the bars “listen bitches I aint slipping/ I’m the one that’s pistol whipping”, shows the attention to detail during recording. Most of all, it’s refreshing to hear a female rapper take a lyricist approach to her music. The hook of “I heard they coming for the throne/ tell them bitches bring it on/ then it’s off with your head bitch” is a welcomed change of pace from red bottoms and birkin bags. Throughout the verses, Lady Shy Heroin makes it clear she feels like royalty and is ready for anyone who wants to challenge that sentiment. With songs like ‘Lady Death Strike’ backing her up, she has a strong platform to stand on.

Check out the video below:

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