(VIDEO – Single Review) Chain Reaction — Alexis Joyce

alexis chain reaction

Review by Phillip Waters

Alexis Joyce is currently best known as the girl singing with lyrical rock hip hop soul funk band The Out of Water eXperience, fronted by lead lyricist Femi the Drifish – she’s the one who makes the boys look good. After spending so much time with a group of such outstanding musicians, you have to wonder what her own project would sound like.

tooweAs Alexis already knows as part of the genre-blending TOOWE, one of the best things about music is that there are no boundaries within it. Styles are constantly clashed against one another to create something new. This is a gamble though, because sometimes the experimentation works, and other times it doesn’t. In the case of her first single, ‘Chain Reaction’, success is the outcome.

alexis 3

The opening seconds of ‘Chain Reaction’ with its peaceful piano keys, feels like mood music or even gospel. Then suddenly gives way to a rock/funk mashup heavy on guitar riffs and drums. The sound is comparable to artists like Res or Santigold. But Alexis Joyce has a soulful tone to her voice and a way of extending notes that falls somewhere between Bjork and Jill Scott — in a good way. It lends feeling to the lyrics, as she sings “I would cross the ocean for you, all you need to do is tell me where to swim to”. ‘Chain Reaction’ is good, and it makes you curious about what else Alexis Joyce can do.

Check out a clip of the song below, and you can purchase the single for $1.50 on her Reverbnation page.

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