(Single Review): MGNTKFYING GLASS PERSPECTIVE by Ullnevano


Review by Phillip Waters

At first glance and listen, ‘MGNTKFYING GLASS PERSPECTIVE’ from the EP “Confidence Is Everything” by artist Ullnevano feels like it could be something special. Unique spellings of song titles usually indicate attention to details from the artist. And the well placed soul sample that overrides the beat is of high quality.

Unfortunately, the lyrical content of the track doesn’t quite catch up to its production and presentation. Rapper, Ullnevano, isn’t without skill. When he spits “these local rappers are so overrated/the trimming is gold plated/ you wanna live a fabolous life, just soul taped it/ these rhymes is like a sheet of music orchestrated”, he proves he has talent.


The problem is in the lack of delivery and direction. Ullnevano jumbles some of his bars together while rapping too quickly, which makes it difficult to understand what he just said. And the subject matter jumps sloppily from one topic to another. Variety is good, but he feels aimless going from thumb tacks to John Madden to Master Splinter. And the stellar beat ends up completely stealing any shine about this song.

Once again, Ullnevano can rap. He just needs to work on things like focusing his rhymes and better enunciation, so listeners can keep up with him.

Listen to the track here..

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