De La Soul Catalog Available For Free until 12 noon tomorrow (link included)


by Petula Caesar

Today, in honor of their 25th anniversary, the legendary and classic hip hop group De La Soul (Posdnous, Trugoy The Dove – Trugoy is yogurt spelled backwards, and Mase, which means Making A Soul Effort, AKA Plug One, Plug Two and Plug Three) is releasing all of their projects to date as free downloads on their website ““. This includes the classic project “Three Feet High and Rising” with their first hit “Potholes In My Lawn.”

Its a two step process that does require you to include an email address that is confirmed and puts you on a mailing list, but as far as I’m concerned, its a SMALL price to pay for this catalog, which includes some of the best production ever done in hip hop.

A recent review of their first release “Three Feet High And Rising” is available here if you aren’t familiar with this group and their massive contributions to hip hop. If you are, go get your download NOW!

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