Single Review: “RIDE” — AbRock featuring B.Swails — Produced by Black Sinatra


by Petula Caesar

Snow days tend to lead to various types of indoor activities, especially if you have the right kind of company with you. But if you put on the right music, your perception about who the right kind of company is can become quite…flexible. This track, “Ride”, is one of those kinds of songs. (In this case, “Ride” stands for “Rhythmic Intense Divine Experience”. Cute.)

Production is provided by Black Sinatra (aka J. Soul), with lyrics by Ab Rock and B. Swails. I was expecting to hear a song about sex when I started playing the track. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to hear a sexy song. There is a distinct difference between something being about sex and something being sexy, and when artists don’t quite know the difference, awfulness ensues. Fortunately these gentlemen were able to make clear distinctions between the two, and the result is a sexy song that very nicely “rides” the line between sexy, nasty and raunchy very skillfully. The track uses the typical elements you find in “sexy” music, but the arrangement did infuse a certain slow grind energy that highlighted the sung and rapped vocals well.  The collective effort these three put together on this song have made it better than the average slow jam — their talents as a whole came together well on this single and made it much stronger than each of their individual parts might have been on its own on this song.

So check out “Ride” below, and don’t call me if you get pregnant. Especially if you’re not a girl.

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