For Valentine’s Day — Love Is” by Femi The DriFish And The Out of Water eXperience

cupidby Petula Caesar

Valentine’s Day is upon us, whether we like it or not. While I have no complaints about my own love life these days (and PLEASE don’t hate, because you have NO idea what I had to go through to get to this good place!), I seem to be in the minority. So in keeping with the not-so-great place the majority of folks are in when it comes to their romantic lives, I’m posting this musical/lyrical/truthful gem from one of my personal favorites, Femi The Drifish and The Out of Water eXperience called “Love Is”, recorded live at Orion Studios in front of one of the most deliriously drunken/high/fucked up/buzzed/inebriated/inoxicated audiences I have ever seen in my life. And as a bonus track, after the video check out the piece I stole from Femi’s Facebook page called “for the single people shopping at the market”.


for the single people shopping at the market

I can’t believe I’m back at the market

I’ve become a

two for one coupon

a shelved man

even after proof of purchase

guess no one wants spam

left ice cold

in the frozen food section

stuffed meat in a can

imagine how many men

feel the same way I am

baked goods turned bad


mold growing

stashed right there

with a for-sale label

with the rest of the good bagels

looking for that fresh produce

groomed like ripe fruit



and legs that spread

like butter on bread

so yeah

we jam

in the end

letting my jelly

all over her ham

Can’t believe I’m back at the market

getting what I want

never what I need

plenty of women

like junk food

in isle nine

stacked in the form of a pyramid


dimes do come in dozens

with no nutritional value

like eating styrofoam for protein

or maybe I’m just cheap

wanting something that looks good

at the same time rots teeth

my whole grocery bag

full of expensive cuisine

but really just the off brand things

can’t believe I’m back at the market

with a lengthy shopping list

of things I want

but not worthy of

consumers expect the best service

never really giving much

eye’s bigger than the belly

so we waste food a lot

no wonder why

the customer service sucks

I’m trying to buy prime rib

at at star bucks

standing at the wrong counter at wal-mart

checking out the cashier

she’s checking me out

fifteen items or less line

I’ve got 20 trying to get by

only to return back tomorrow


shopping for something

I might never find

maybe it’s because I’m not whole


I can’t believe I’m back at the market.

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