Indie Music Preview — “You Are What You Are”

YOU ARE WHAT YOU AREby Petula Caesar

You know how you hear someone does something, but for some reason, though you like the person well enough, you never really take the time to check out their work? “The Ruf” falls into that category for me. He’s a familiar face in this area’s creative circles, and I have always known he does photography, videography, music production and he raps also. But for some reason, I’ve never really listened to his stuff.


I can’t say its because I thought he was wack, because I honestly didn’t based on the talented circles he travels in. Maybe its because he’s kind of low-key and hunble about his stuff, and in entertainment you have to make noise to get noticed, whether you are talented or not. But when he recently posted this track entitled “You Are What You Are”, I listened. And I really enjoyed the track, which is part of a yet-to-be-titled project he is currently working on and will be releasing soon. Now I will definitely be checking for him in the future.

Listen to the track below…

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