BONUS PICK FOR TONIGHT — Louie Vega of Masters at Work @ Deep Sugar!

flyer for louis vega

by Petula Caesar

House music may have its roots buried deeply in Chicago, but Baltimore embraced house music from its outset, and it has always had a home in this city. Anyone who claims to have any knowledge of B-more’s nightlife history is intimately familiar with Odell’s and Fantasy’s — nightclubs that were meccas of house in their heyday.


club fantasy logoDuring those days, any deejay who expected to work at any nightclub in the Baltimore metropolitan area (not just a house music nightclub) had to be able to play strong house music sets during the course of a night along with other kinds of music, even if they weren’t a house music deejay. A basic knowledge of house was necessary for anyone who wanted to spin, because house music was a crucial part of all nightlife in the city, and anyone who went to party at any nightclub in those days expected to hear at least some house at some point during the night. And for the househeads, house music was, and still is, the only music that matters when its time to DANCE. As certain key elements of house music evolved into Baltimore Club Music, house has continued to be a part of the city’s musical culture. In keeping with that history, tonight at Deep Sugar, the monthly house music party at The Paradox brought to you by internationally known but home grown house music diva extraordinare Ultra Nate, a house music LEGEND will be on the famous Paradox turntables/sound system — one half of the phenomenal production duo Masters At Work, Louis Vega.

louie vegamasters at work logo

Masters At Work, AKA Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzales are easily two of the premier musical geniuses on the production side of the music world. While MAW may be best known to the general public for their highly coveted, body-moving remixes of popular songs, to the house heads they are musical gods because of their original tracks, alongside musical colleague Todd Terry. Louie Vega has a long and far-reaching history in house music that spans well over two decades, and includes playing at famous and infamous nightclubs all over the world. He is still wildly successful and popular in the house music scene to this day.

For those who have somehow managed to be totally unfamiliar with Vega or Masters At Work, check out the music below. Or better yet, come out to Deep Sugar tonight and listen for yourself. WARNING — This is a late night party. Doors open at MIDNIGHT and they go until 6 a.m., which means things don’t really get going until 1 a.m.-ish. If you need to take a “disco nap” beforehand, do so. Trust me it will be worth it. Admission is $12 for Paradox members and $15 general admission until 1 a.m.; $14 for Paradox members and $17 general admission after 1 a.m.

You can hear his production work on the classic “I Get Lifted” sung by Barbara Tucker (this is the Underground Network Mix)…

And also check out MAW house classic “Deep Inside”.

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