Welcome to Speakerbox Magazine!

Greetings from Petula Caesar, AKA Tula Mae, Editor in Chief of SPEAKERBOX MAGAZINE.


Ten thousand people have told me I should run my own magazine. I know I’m qualified. I’ve been a successful freelance writer for a number of publications for several years — I’ve written for everything from City Paper to Baltimore Magazine to The Sun to all kinds of lesser known online and print publications. I’ve been a freelance editor for all kinds of projects ranging from fiction manuscripts to poetry manuscripts. I’ve worked as an editorial assistant at a publishing imprint for Simon and Schuster. And I’ve worked with Mic Life Magazine on and off for the past 6 years. Those ten thousand people are absolutely right. Its time for me to stop being a soldier in everyone else’s army and to train my soldiers and build/run my own army. As a result, you’re here, visiting my new project, SPEAKERBOX MAGAZINE!

SPEAKERBOX MAGAZINE will continue my personal mission of bringing high quality journalism to the independent performance arts in urban areas nationwide, starting with my under recognized adopted hometown, the Baltimore metropolitan area. We will also be talking to this area’s movers and shakers in Baltimore like politics, religion, community organizing, and the like. SPEAKERBOX MAGAZINE’s tagline is “MAKING IT LOUDER”, which is what we’re going to be doing in the coming weeks — amplifying every aspect of Baltimore’s culture.

For example, check out Ama Chandra and Jonathan Gilmore at Herb and Soul Restaurant (shout out to minority-owned businesses) doing their vocal thing so lovely.

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